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Helping #fintechs grow FASTER

You're a B2B (or B2B2C) fintech desiring exponential growth but...

  • You have a pipeline of deals that you're nurturing but the sales cycle takes forever.

  • You have clients signed but you lose momentum during onboarding. 

  • You have clients onboarded but user adoption is slower than desired.

  • Your team is agile but your clients really operate in a waterfall environment. 

  • You have an amazing team but many lack enterprise-level experience.
  • You know you should be SaaS but every client seems to have unique needs.  

  • You know what needs to get done for you to scale but you just can't find the time.​

Home: About
Home: About

My name is Linda Wittich.
My mission is to help fintechs not just survive but to thrive!

  • I consult with early to mid-stage fintechs: Marstone - Digital Advice and Financial Planning, Dataline|Wodwo - AI platform for Marketing Insights and Lead Generation, WealthForge|Altigo for Simplifying Alternative Investments, QCash Financial for Processing Small Dollar Loans. 

  • I bring sales and operational expertise from fintechs of all sizes: IBM Watson Wealth - Broadridge Processing & Inv Comm - DTCC/NSCC - Finn AI AI Chat for Banking - Doxim Client Onboarding

  • I love taking accountability for results: As fractional CRO at WealthForge|Altigo, I grew transactions by over 50X (5000%) and client base by 15X (1500%). As interim Delivery Executive at Marstone, I reduced the median Onboarding Cycle by 60% and the onboarding of some clients by as much as 90%

  • I launched (or helped launch) 16 first-of-a-kind solutions and understand a vast array of fintech and wealthtech solutions:  Virtual Agents - Robo/Hybrid Advisors - AML/Fraud/KYC/ Collusion Detection - Life Event/Product Predictions - Regulatory Monitoring - Client Onboarding - Correspondent Clearing - Trade Processing - Investor Communication - Digital Advice - Financial Planning

  • I scale business operations by developing awesome tools & templates: Go-to-Market Plans - Pricing - Competitive Landscape - Playbooks for Sales, Conferences, Partnerships, Client Onboarding and Client Success - Sales Forecasting - Deal Reviews - Stakeholder Maps - Value Propositions - RACIs - RAIDs - Hybrid Agile Project Plans - Priority Setting 

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Jumpstart your team by hiring a proven B2B fintech executive to assume full accountability for delivering results. Have me set and execute the strategies, deliver repeatable processes, and train my successor. 

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Marketing and Messaging

  • Sales Execution

  • Client Onboarding

  • User Adoption

  • Client Success

Chief Product Officer

  • Full Product Lifecycle

  • Client Advisory Boards

  • Product Focus Groups

  • Competitive Positioning

  • Financial Inclusion/Wellness

Chief Operating Officer

  • OKR Culture

  • Operating Model

  • Strategic Execution

  • Managing Priorities

  • Board Presentations

Typical Engagement Model

10-20 Hours/week

6+ Months

Monthly Fee: $10,000-$20,000

30-Day Out for Convenience



Elevate your leadership team through formalized training and coaching programs. Adapt industry best practices to your firm, develop strategies to tackle real-life business challenges, and establish a culture of accountability. 

meet you where you are and all training is personalized to your needs. My goal is to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and disciplines to allow for explosive growth.  I provide training and tools but the hard work is up to you to customize them to your business and adopt them into your practice. (This isn't generic business  coaching.)

In order to provide specific feedback to accelerate impact, participants will be required to roleplay or let me see them in action. I also encourage, but I do not require, joint sessions between participant and their manager. 

Typical Engagement Model

Weekly Coaching Sessions

3+ Months

Monthly Fee: $2,000-$3,000

30-Day Out for Convenience




Evaluate your current go-to-market activities versus 70+ Industry Best Practices. Typically results in 5 Needle Mover ideas to address your specific growth challenges/opportunities, and a detailed report of 25+ other actions that will help accelerate growth. 

Typical Engagement Model

4-6 weeks, ~15 hours of your time

Assessment Fee: $7,500-$10,000

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Be prepared to work - I don't do lectures.  All workshops result in tools personalized to your business and at least one post-workshop consultation. Happy to create a custom workshop or choose a popular one:

  • Defining Value Propositions

  • Market Acceptance Testing

  • Creating Client ROI Calculators

  • Partnership Playbooks

  • Building Trust

  • Client Success for Tier 1 Clients

Typical Engagement Model

1-3 Day Workshops

Workshop Fee: $2,500-$7,500

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Top Line Focus works with the most innovative fintechs in the industry.

References and use cases are always available upon request. 

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