Helping #fintechs grow FASTER

Your mission is to help more people live better financial lives.

  • You currently have banking clients but user adoption is slower than desired.

  • You have an amazing team but many lack enterprise-level experience.

  • You have pipeline of deals that you're nurturing but the sales cycle takes forever.   

  • You know you should be SaaS but every client seems to have unique needs.  

  • Your team is agile but not your clients.  You struggle to manage implementations.

  • You know what needs to get done for you to scale but you just can't find the time.​


My name is Linda Wittich.
My mission is to improve financial inclusion by helping FinTechs thrive.

  • I've worked at FinTechs of all sizes: IBM Watson Wealth - Broadridge Processing & Inv Comm - DTCC/NSCC - Finn AI AI Chat for Banking - Doxim Client Onboarding

  • I've been accountable for sales results: Sales CAO for $2B business - SVP Sales - Canada to USA - Global Banks/BDs -Tier 2/3: Community Banks, CUs, RIAs - Partnerships

  • I delivered relevant solutions: Virtual Agents - Robo/Hybrid Advisors - AML/Fraud/KYC/ Collusion Detection - Life Event/Product Predictions - Regulatory Monitoring - Client Onboarding - Correspondent Clearing - Trade Processing - Investor Communication

  • I provide you the tools & templates: Go-to-Market Pricing - Competitive Landscape - Sales & Onboarding Playbooks - Sales Forecasting - Deal Reviews - Stakeholder Maps - Value Proposition - RACIs - RAIDs - Hybrid Agile Project Plans - Priority Setting

Consider me as an extension of your leadership team.



Interim Role

As an interim executive, I participate in your senior leadership team meetings and work on the operational, strategic and cultural opportunities for you to grow your business faster.


Typically you will look to me to manage and coach your team members and be directly accountable for delivering top line results.


Although the role, responsibilities and deliverables are defined based on your specific needs, I always include enablement tools so you're assured of a lasting impact.

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Solutions Delivery & Client Success

  • Strategy & Product Roadmap

Engagements vary between 8-20 hours/week and require a 6 month+ commitment.

Working from Home


Assessments & Workshops

Fintech Scorecard: Review your current go-to-market plan versus industry best practices. Receive detailed recommendations on how to improve your top line performance. Typically 4-6 weeks.


Market Analysis: Learn more about what the market needs through a Win-Loss Analysis, Market Acceptance Test or Competitive Research. Typically 6-8 weeks.


Workshops: Be prepared to work - I don't do lectures.  All workshops result in tools personalized to your business and detailed action plans.  Typically 10-15 hour session delivered in person over 2 day period or remote over 1 week.  

Top Line Focus works with the most innovative fintechs in the industry.

References and additional firms, along with use cases are always available upon request.